Hey, I'm Gina.

I'm a UI & UX Designer
in Philadelphia, PA.

Some work I'm proud of

CoreHome: Initial Product Design

CreativeMMS sought to create a WordPress-based product management platform specifically catered to new home builders. I worked on the team that architected CoreHome’s initial release as UX lead. In this capacity, I managed end-stage product design, created the company’s first design system, and lead the team into the final build.

Bloomingdale: Website Class Management

Bloomingdale School of Music’s staff had to update their site 12 times for the same change, and users couldn’t find the right information to register for classes. Working as UX lead for this project, I gave Bloomingdale a robust architecture and front-end experience that helped its varied user bases find what they needed—all on top of a consolidated back-end experience to decrease time spent updating the site. 

Deployed Resources: Web Conversions

Deployed makes products that keep people safe during a crisis, but their website did not convince people to work with them. As UX lead on this project, I initiated new, early-stage collaboration processes for my team. With that, I created a streamlined front-end experience with an optimized, SEO-friendly userflow grounded in persona research, allowing visitors to (finally) convert into customers.