Stuff I’m Working On

February 6, 2017

Warning: There Be Puppies Ahead!

Over a year ago, a board member of Freedom Barks, Inc. approached me to redo their current website. The non-profit is in charge of maintaining a dog park in Medford, New Jersey. The park is inside a much larger area called Freedom Park. The dog section is called Freedom Barks. Get it?
February 2, 2017

Project—Away! Plus The End of Freelancing

I love seeing my designs go into the hands of people who will fill them up with the things that make them unique. A project handoff is a moment of minds melding, and, if you'll pardon my nerdiness, it makes me super happy.
December 15, 2016

Drama. No Pretension: A Website for an Upcoming Opera Star

Typically, I allow for one round of revisions with my low-budget clients. But here, because I'm effectively designing for two different people who aren't talking to each other about thep roject, we had to approach things a little differently.