Web Design Role Model: Oli Lisher

December 23, 2016

I’m not sure what it says about me that I often pick designers from the UK for inspiration. 

Nevertheless, here we are. I want to introduce you all to Oli Lisher, a freelance web designer and illustrator in the UK. Like I know him. I wish I did. Okay, moving on.

When I was designing my portfolio site, I knew that I wanted it to be completely flat, but I wasn’t sure how to do that when so much of my work includes photography. I thought it would be jarring to come from a flat home page to a portfolio that was highly image-based, so I was hunting around for solutions.

Lisher’s site came up on a list of best flat portfolio designs, and I have to say, he deserves the honor. I hope he doesn’t mind me showing some of his work here; I am so in love with it that I frequently return to it just to look at how pretty it is. What I love most about illustration and flat design is that it allows the designer to work with color, and let that be the strongest aesthetic that comes forward for the user. Color is my favorite design tool, and I always connect with designers who seem to enjoy using it too. I also love how Lisher makes great use of grids without every design feeling boxy or identical. His gorgeous illustration work gives shape to his designs without sacrificing the utility of a more traditional layout.

Looking at how Lisher brilliantly combines his talents to create a product that’s beautiful, functional, and unique, I am continually inspired. Coming across his portfolio is also what inspired me to develop my illustration skills (some of which are already featured in my portfolio—though I am just starting out). I hope one day to make sites like his.

You can check out his full portfolio here, and he has a pretty good Twitter presence as well.