February 6, 2017

Warning: There Be Puppies Ahead!

Over a year ago, a board member of Freedom Barks, Inc. approached me to redo their current website. The non-profit is in charge of maintaining a dog park in Medford, New Jersey. The park is inside a much larger area called Freedom Park. The dog section is called Freedom Barks. Get it?
February 2, 2017

Project—Away! Plus The End of Freelancing

I love seeing my designs go into the hands of people who will fill them up with the things that make them unique. A project handoff is a moment of minds melding, and, if you'll pardon my nerdiness, it makes me super happy.
December 23, 2016

Web Design Role Model: Oli Lisher

Color is my favorite design tool, and I always connect with designers who seem to enjoy using it too. I also love how Lisher makes great use of grids without every design feeling the same or boxy. His gorgeous illustration work gives interesting shape to his work without sacrificing the utility of a more traditional layout.
December 15, 2016

Drama. No Pretension: A Website for an Upcoming Opera Star

Typically, I allow for one round of revisions with my low-budget clients. But here, because I'm effectively designing for two different people who aren't talking to each other about thep roject, we had to approach things a little differently.
December 13, 2016

The Brand, The Glasses, and the Orange

I sketched out some logo ideas, pulled my favorite into Illustrator, and started fussing with anchor points. I wasn't in love with what I had created, so I submitted it to a design forum to get some feedback. Almost every reply was to tell me that I was not ready to be a designer.