What kind of person makes an orange website?

Hi, that’s me. I’m Gina. I embrace serendipity.

I have been designing websites since I was 13 years old (and I am 28—you do the math). Longer, if you count the Geocities sites I had to make in school, but I try to block the Geocities era out of my mind as much as possible. Every summer I washed my brother’s car in exchange for $15 and use of his credit card. With those, I bought access to the “premium” version of Xanga, and I dove in to HTML and CSS, determined to make my little corner of the Internet entirely mine. I’ve had my fingers in design in some capacity ever since.

Professionally, I have been at this for 5 years. I started out at a national non-profit, where I pushed my job from being a smattering of different communications responsibilities to a full-fledged design role. Since then, I have been working for myself, helping some of Philadelphia’s best companies bring their visions to life.

If you haven’t picked up on the pattern here, I’ll say it plainly: From the smallest blog to the largest archival site, I take ownership of my work. I embrace the spaces around me, the areas of which I am in charge and drive them to be the best they possibly can be.

What Makes Me Different

Okay, Gina, but everyone says that. Perfectionists are a dime a dozen, especially among creatives. What makes you so special?

Well, Internet citizen, I’ll tell you:

  • I’m analytical - Design is problem solving; full stop. At least, that’s how I see it. I am fundamentally an analytical person and approach my designs with “what works?” in the front of my mind at all times. I have no qualms cutting away what doesn’t function. Got data? Even better.
  • I’m always learning - If one of my projects needs something that I can’t give it, I go learn how to do it. Skills are the one thing I don’t mind hoarding; they always come in handy later. I’ve learned how to draw, to shoot photography, and a little bit of data visualization just to make something I want to do happen.
  • I’m a writer and an editor - Need help with copy? I actually own my own publication! I am the editor-in-chief of a women’s blog where, at its height, I managed and edited 10 writers and 2 associate editors. I have also published in several other publications with one of my pieces getting over 2 million views.
  • I’m an excellent public speaker - I’ve always been comfortable in front of a crowd, but in college I refined this ability—and then taught it to others. My institution's Speaking Center hired me to help other students with presentations. My specialty: delivering content-heavy, technical information to a novice audience.
  • I’m honest and direct - Honesty is one of the most important dynamics in communication, regardless as to whether you’re my boss or my client. To be able to make the best decisions, you need to be well-informed, and giving you that information is part of my responsibility to you as a designer. It is one of my most valuable character traits and enables both my supervisors or my clients to get the best work they deserve.

I’m also… thorough. Very thorough. If you’d like to know more about me, let’s talk in person! Fill out my contact form below, and let’s talk about how I can get you what you need.


Gina Luttrell