About Gina

IMG_7520Gina doesn’t like labels much, but if you must apply one to her, “renaissance woman” fits best. Her primary skills focus on writing and editing, graphic and web design, but she also sews, bakes, practices martial arts, and sings a bit as well.

Her main project to date is her online magazine, Thoughts on Liberty, where she serves as Editor-in-Chief and Lead Designer. In addition to branding TOL and designing the current website, Gina leads a growing staff of  women libertarian writers, all with the purpose of bringing more women into the liberty movement.

She currently serves in a supplemental design role at The Foundation for Individual Rights for Education as editor of The FIRE Quarterly and manager of FIRE’s website, thefire.org.

In addition to self-publishing in Thoughts on Liberty, Gina’s writing has appeared in The Chicago Sun-TimesThe Good American Post (out of print), The Libertarian Republic, and Serving Tea to Friends. She currently lives in Philadelphia with her cat, Sirius, and her fiance, Anthony.

You can follow her on Twitter and subscribe to her witticisms on Facebook.

Gina has a Bachelor of Arts in philosophy and political science from Agnes Scott College, otherwise known as the best kept secret in the South.